I visited the site "100WordStory" the other day and found this photo prompt. At "100WordStory" they publish all types of writing as long as the length is exactly 1oo words. Folks are invited to post, in the comments, their 100 word take on the photo. I came up with the poem below.

Untitled, 1/19/2016

She cast her nets into the night sky,
Hoping to snare a constellation, or maybe two.
And again in the early morning
To catch a nest of clouds.

Collecting can mean empty after empty
Before even a scrap is saved.
Patience and Perseverance, the sisters,
Send encouragement by sparrow, bird after bird.

Jars of fog, tins of songs, pouches of dreams
All line the unseen walls,
While categories outnumber labels
Infinity to none, uncounted to zero.

She cast her nets into the night sky,
Hoping to trap the lightning
And again at gray dawn
To drag thunder from the expanse.

© 2016 David Marks


He collects fragments.
She organizes and quilts.
Together they bloom.

© 2015 David Marks

Blossoms turn to face the sunlight,
         a Very Small Array.
Orders beam down from Solar Command:
         “Bloom! Grow!”
They obey without question.
© 2015 David Marks
(If you don't get the "array" reference, go here: https://goo.gl/mcpIoh)
Too soon, too soon!
The year’s number changes
And the moon (one of many) wanes
‘Longside the evening star.

Too soon, too soon!
The memory ranges
Back and forth o’er the many gains
And debts, yet from afar.

Separate, we are,
Twixt the hazy mists of future
And the dusty clouds of past.

Between, we remain,
Tho we squint to clear our vision,
We lean backward to the last.

© 2001 David Marks